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SEO Services

At TeleDirect Asia, we recognize that for your online business to succeed then you need to be ranking in the top three places of the search results in the major search engines for the keywords related to your business. The main reasons for ranking page one and in the top three results includes:

  • SEO is now the largest and cheapest form of marketing.
  • Greater exposure of your business.
  • Customers trust websites that are highly ranked.
  • An increase in your web traffic equals a much higher revenue.

What Makes us Different?

We do not tie you down to a contract because we believe and are confident that if you are impressed with the results and the work then you will continue to use our services furthermore into the future. This makes our service very unique as it is a risk free approach for our clients and really shows the confidence that we have in all of our marketing services.

We guarantee that by hiring us to manage your search engine marketing, we will help you get more business from your website

Our service comes with your own campaign manager that will discuss your results every month as well as monthly reports about your improvements, onsite work and offsite work. Take a look at our SEO Pricing and Packages on the tab above and get in touch with us today.

To find out more about our SEO Services, please contact us and a Customer Service Manager will answer all your queries.

SEO Packages

Please Note: Our SEO services do not include a minimum contract because from experience, we know that the results we provide are enough for our clients to keep using our services.

Monthly Fee 19,900 THB 23,900 THB 26,900 THB
Target Keywords 8 12 16
Keyword Research
Keyword Consultation
Onsite SEO Analysis
Onsite Implementation
Link Building
Monthly Reports
Monthly Consultation

What is SEO in Simple Terms

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is the process of getting free traffic to your website from organic listings in search engines such Google, Bing and Yahoo. When you type a query into a search engine such as Google and press 'enter', you get a list of 10 website results. Have you ever wondered why these 10 websites are in that position? Well it's because of a powerful online marketing technique called SEO.

Search Engines like Google will display a website which they believe is authoritative and relevant. They decide on the ranking by scoring websites on a number of issues (called an algorithm) against the search term that the user entered into the search engine. The search engine then ranks the websites based on relevancy in order of the highest score.

The SEO technique is not easy though and we do recommend hiring a professional for your SEO needs.

To find out more about our SEO Services, please contact us and a Customer Service Manager will answer all your queries.

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