Online Marketing Services

At TeleDirect Asia, we offer various services for online marketing. Our main service being SEO services, helping businesses and their websites get guaranteed page one on Google and other search engines and therefore improving their exposure online.

SEO Services

We provide our clients peace of mind, in the knowledge that their investment will reap the rewards through our guaranteed page one results on Google for 4 keywords that are relevant for your business else we will give you all your money back.

We know that finding an SEO expert can be difficult as you can never be sure that you will get results, well with TelDirect Asia, we guarantee you that we will get you results which is why we are fast becoming known for our service, reliability and results in helping your business succeed online. Find Out More >

Adwords Pay Per Click Services

Our extensive experience through SEO and Adwords PPC has made us a market leader for campaign management and returns on investment online. This is why many small and large organisations are turning to TeleDirect Asia to carry out their online Google Pay Per Click campaign. Find Out More >

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of online marketing as long as it is managed correctly. Many businesses use email marketing incorrectly and therefore giving themselves a bad reputation but if you had your email marketing managed correctly then it is a very powerful marketing tool to communicate with potential customers or current customers. Let TeleDirect Asia manage your email marketing campaigns and advise you on the correct techniques to carry out such a marketing avenue. Find Out More >

If you would like more information about our Online Marketing Services, please contact us and a Customer Service Manager will answer all your queries.

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